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Home Improvement Tips to Sound-Proof Your Home

When you try to enjoy your rest, and there is a full sound burst from the living room or the home of your friend, it will possibly become a significant setback. It would be a very radical option to move out, but what you can do is sound-proof your house.

Finding a Handyman Service in London or local handyman near to you is not a difficult job. However, if you say there are no handyman services near me, then how can I do it? Well, we are here to help you out. If you’re confident of your skills as a handyman, here’s how to conduct the laborious job on your own.

Choosing the right material

The first job for all of you is to determine the strength of the sound. The “tool” you use later to guard your home is vital to this phase. Some of the most common sounds, such as night-city sounds, high-pitched music, crying children, and similar sounds vary between 45 and 115 dB.

In accordance with the type of sounds, the materials used for the procedure involved are provided.

STC (Sound Transmission Class) is the primary factor which helps you to choose your home. The higher the material STC, the better your home will be isolated.

Noise Should Not Escape

If the band of your kids needs to set up a practice space, separate the inside area so that the sound stays away. Polyurethane foam is also the finest material that you can use.

Using Foam

Insulation foam is another method you can use. Please put it on the ceiling and cover it in a neutral textile or create a new gap over the old one. So you can fill the area and build a dense, soundproof layer of insulating foam.

Insulating the Floors

It is best to do it through vinyl floors with high-density if you want to insulate the rooms at home. The effect of the noise will be dramatically reduced, especially if your building is old.

Vinyl isolation in various forms deals with several types of noise, including airborne noises or impact noises. In this case, the correct material should be consulted with an expert or handyman service near to you.

Sound-Proof the Doors

Upholster with a thick insulated fabric the troublesome door. The door sweep is another alternative. Take a torch first, close the door and position it where the door and doorstep meet. If there is a cavity, it means air and the sound will “sneak in” your room, respectively.

Sound-proof Ceiling

Experts consider using custom-cut sheetrock and a package of Green Glue if you are more concerned with the use of eco-friendly materials. A much more enhanced version offers another solution to the matter. Using a few wood frames, custom-cut sheetrock and Green Glue.

Make sure that the roof can stand the weight of the sheet so that it does not fall on your head.


The steps we explained are pretty basic, but sometimes we need an expert touch. If you are not sure about doing all these steps and concerned about your safety, then you might hire any Handyman London but ensure that they are top quality and have reputable reviews.